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Can you name the black and white things?

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Both Used in National Flag (Arab League)
lit. 'Black Mountain' 
lit. 'White Rus' 
Aotearoa, 'Land of the Long White Cloud' 
Sevastopol's and Sochi's sea 
Sea surrounding Solovetsky Islands 
Highest point in the Alps 
Longest blackwater river in the world 
Crayola Original 64 Crayon
Element Name
lit. 'white mass' 
Haliaeetus leucocephalus 
Ailuropoda melanoleuca 
Cells of the immune system 
Pigment in plants, animals, and protists 
Line of connective tissue joining rectus abdominis muscles 
Cutaneous line appearing on abdomen in many pregnancies 
Both Used as Official Team Colour (MLB)
Countries Having a Black Island & a White Island
1991 single (Jackson) 
1982 single (McCartney & Wonder) 
Sources of Danger Mouse's 2004 mashup, 'The Grey Album' 
2007 album from The Hives  
Same First Name
American Senate Chaplain/American funk musician 
British wonky pop musician/American politician, Moscone and Milk murderer 
American actor-occasional musician/American musician-occasional actor 
Black or White Blank
Common European warbler/Surface wave 
Oil alias/Auric alloy 
Gavrilo Princip's secret society/This society's opposing society 
Loss of electricity/Blizzard occurrence 
Coal tailings/Rapids 

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