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Official Name
Language of Origin of Name
Confederation with...
Year of Confederation
Formerly Part of...
Shared Date of Confederation with...
Largest City
Flag Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Colour
Bordering Province
Bordering Province
Bordering State
Bordering State
Bordering Territory
Year of North-West Rebellion
Leader of Metis in North-West Rebellion
Highest Point (1,468 m)
Lowest Point (213 m)
Longest River (1,939 km with tributaries)
Largest Lake (7,850 sq. km)
Number of Lakes (Nearest 10,000)
National Park
National Park
First European Contact (1690)
First Nations of Saskatchewan
First Premier
Current Premier
Party Sitting in Legislature
Party Sitting in Legislature
Seats in Canadian House of Commons
Seats in Canadian Senate
Postal Abbreviation
Population (Nearest 100,000)
GDP per capita (Nearest C$5,000)
Largest Religion
City Shared with Alberta
City Shared with Manitoba
World's Number One Producer of...
World's Number One Producer of...
Official Bird
Official Flower
Official Tree
Official Sport
Only Professional Sports Team
Unofficial Name (Associated with Above)

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