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Which historical figure shares a birthday with Oikawa?
Which now-third year went to Izumitate Junior High? (Any 1 of 3 is correct)
What is the ace's traditional jersey number?
How many Tokyo teams are going to nationals?
Which Nekoma player's birthday is on World Cat Day?
Who is the tallest Seijoh third-year?
When did Kageyama start playing volleyball?
What do Yamaguchi and Futakuchi have in common?
Which sport did Kiyoko participate in in middle school?
Who performed the second opening of season 2 (Fly High) and the opening of season 3 (Hikariare)?
Who (as far as we know) is the oldest player on Shiratorizawa?
Who was the first person to give Kindaichi the nickname 'Turnip-Head'?
After Yamaguchi, which Karasuno player learns the jump float serve?
Who was Kuroo's rival on Nekoma as a first-year?
Who is the youngest Karasuno first-year?
Who is the 'Giant Setter'?
How many weaknesses does Bokuto have (so far)?
Where is the second Tokyo training camp held?
Which Karasuno first-year was notably not invited to the first-year training camp?
Which Karasuno player grew the most from April to November?
Which Karasuno player shrunk from April to November?
After Oikawa, who is expected to be the next captain and setter of Seijoh?
What is Oikawa's nephew's name?
When Tendou gives Ushijima a copy of Shounen Jump magazine, what part of it does Ushijima read?
When did performances of the first stage play start?
What do people often misread Karasuno's name as?
Complete the cheer: 'GO GO LET'S GO LET'S GO _____'
Which animal is Ushijima symbolized as?
Which school is referred to as the 'party school'?
Who is the most popular non-Karasuno player, according to the popularity polls?

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