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Genetic code changes but amino acid is the same
Which RNA polymerase transcribes tRNA?
tRNA has a site for ___ ___ binding and the _____
Before they are bound to tRNA, amino acids must be
Function of tRNA Synthetase
tRNA Synthetase is responsible for activating and ______ amino acids
Only _____ amino acids fit into editing site of tRNA synthetase
The wobble position is at the ____ end of codon
When does large subunit associate with small subunit
Initiation in translation is a ____ ____ process
Which step? tRNA-Met binds to P-site on small subunit of ribosome
Once tRNA-Met binds to small subunit of mRNA, what will initiator tRNA search for?
What protein acts as a chaperone and brings new tRNA into A-site in Elongation?
If tRNA-anticodon and codon do not match, Ef-tu is NOT
When ____ is hydrolyzed, that means anticodon and codon were a perfect match
Incoming tRNA binds to which site in ribosome
Initiator tRNA binds to which site in ribosome
Peptide bonds are formed when Amino acid on ____ site binds to Amino Acid on _____ site
Shift of tRNA from A to P to E-site is facilitated by
Equivalent of Ef-tu in eukaryotes
Equivalent of Ef-G in eukaroytes
When ____ site reaches a stop codon, termination occurs
tRNA for stop codon
Once stop codon is reached, ____ ____ binds to A-site
Many ribosomes binding to same mRNA at the same time is called
Since there is no amino acid present from the stop codon, a bond is formed with ____
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