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Can you name the Transcription and RNA Processing?

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Unlike in replication, RNA Polymerase does NOT require a
RNA appears double stranded because it will form this secondary structure
Two most important RNA's
Most predominant RNA
Most REgulated RNA
Unlike DNA polymerase, RNA polymerase does not have a _______ mechanism
RNA Polymerase and DNA polymerase Do/Do not share structural similarity
In Prokaryotes, RNA polymerae is activated by
Unlike eukaryotes, prokaryotic DNA lacks
Non-template strand is also called
The most regulated step in BOTH DNA Replication and Transcription
What is absoutely necessary for INITIATION of transcription?
What 3 things bind to TATA box
What causes the release of initiation complex from TATA box
These two enzymes serve the same role that they do in replication as they do in tranlsation
DNA Gyrase is also called
This is located AHEAD of transcription bubble
Function of #17
What aids in RECOILING of DNA around histones
What is phosphorylated on CTD in RNA Polymerase
5` serine residude phosphorylated on CTD allows binding of
Combination of 5` and 2` serine phosphorylation on CTD allows binding of
What is the third thing that can bind to CTD
Splicing reaction occurs via ____ ___
What determines which exons are kept in alternative splicing?
Ter-Tus is the complex that leads to termination of DNA replication. What are the two factors that binds to RNA Polymerase in transcription?
Poly-adenylation begins _____ RNA is cleaved
final RNA product CANNOT be exported to cytoplasm until it is

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