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Can you name the Intro to DNA replication?

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Base + Sugar is called a
OH @ 5' Carbon 
What is a nucleotide
@ physiological pH bases are ____ and ____
Adenylate is a ________ while adenosine is a _______
Deoxy ribose lacks HYDROXYL @ which position
Solubility of ribose sugars
This can replace ANY HYDROXYL on sugar
cAMP, ATP and ADP-Ribosylation are _______ functions of nucleotides
Phosphates are attached to _____
Phosphodiester bonds are connections made from ___ to ___ carbon
In double stranded DNA the upper strand is written from ___ to ____ carbon
Functional group of proteins are located ____ While nucleotides are located _____
1 period in DNA is ___ angstrom
Aside from being complementary, DNA strands are ____
DNA predominantly exists in ___ Form
WHat is special about Z form of DNA?
Which sequence in DNA/RNA is more like a linguistic palindrome
What can palindrome sequences form? ___ and ___
Unlike DNA, RNA structures are NOT DISRUPTED by
This special RNA structure has A-form char.
_____ = homogeneity of DNA
At Tm, ___ of DNA has been separated
What is a gene?
Genes encode ____ ___ of some final product
Prokaryotes DO NOT HAVE ____
DNA double helix coils on itself forming a ____
Most of our DNA is in B-form and ____ form
Superhelix is formed due to _____ of ____
Underwinding of DNA is
Underwinding creates ___ ___ in dNA
What relieves steric strain created by underwinding
Superhelix does NOT change the ___ of DNA
Number of times 1 molecule of DNA crosses another is called
Lk is undefined when there is a ____ in ____
Negative supercoiling is when
Type I increases Lk by
Type II breaks ____ strand(S) of DNA
Underwinding is increased during ___ and ____
Histones are separated by
Nucleosome = _____ + _____
How is linker DNA digested?
Higher levels of folding are associated with
Which proteins are included in nuclear scaffolding?

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