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Can you name the Strep Infections?

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Streptococcus species grow in
O2 requirements of Streptococcus
A large fraction of Streptococcus are ________
Unlike Staphylococcus, streptococcus are _______ negative
Streptococcus are often called _________ _________ because they are acid-tolerant
Strep that grow in the GI are classified as
Strep used in cheese production are classified as
Aside from the answers in the question 6 and 7, what are the other two ways in which strep can be classified
Best classification for Strep is the
S. pyogenes is also called
S. Pyogenes gas requirements
What are S. Pyogenes susceptible too?
S pyogenes are _____, like the name suggests
Binds to epithelial cells, adhesin
Made of hyaluronic acid
Capsule is a _____ immunogen
The most important virulence factor
GAS can inactivate complement system by inactivating both ____ and ____
Group A strep is the MOST COMMON CAUSE of
Capsule is made of ____ ___
F-protein binds
Non-specific mitogenicity of T cells
Pyrogenic toxins are ______
Which virulence factor has both a immunogenic and non-immunogenic form
Which one is immunogenic
DNAase is used against
Breaks down chemotactic factor of complement pathway
Major opsonigen
Both ___ and ___ part of complement system are inactivated by GAS
Majority of pharyngitis is caused by
Which virulence factor can caused scarlet fever?
Scarlet fever is marked by pharyngitis, scarlet rash and what two other symptoms
S. pyogenes + Staph aureus can caused
Erysipelas, puerperal fever, necrotizing fascitis and TSS are ______ infections of GAS
How is necrotizing fascitis quickly diagnosed?
Infection of uterus by GAS is termed
This is secondary to pharyngitis
M protein on S. pyogenes is similar to ___ and ___
autoimmune reaction 
What to test for when you suspect rheumatic fever post pharyngitis?
Acute glomerulonephritis occurs post ___ _____ by GAS
What antibodies are you testing for to confirm acute glomerulonephritis?
Higher M-protein types of GAS are found in
M3, M5, M18 account for what pathology of GAS?
No vaccines for GAS because it is difficult to differentiate _____ _______ epitopes
Immunity in GAS is ____-______ ____

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