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Fungi have a cell wall that contains
3 classes of antifungal drugs
What enzyme breaks down drugs in the liver?
Which antifungal can also be toxic to host cells?
Drug toxicity can occur ____-_____ interactions
Another way drug toxicity can occur is that drug interacts with
Enzyme that participates in ergosterol synthesis
If fungi is resistance to flucanazole then it is resistant to ___ _____
Which drugs target sterol in cell membrane?
Where is glucan found?
Drug that targets glucan
Which two drugs interact with each other and can lead to drug toxicity
Cutaneous Fungal Infections are also called
Cutaneous fungal infections target areas rich in
skins, nails, hair 
Common culprit of Dermatophytosis
Chronic fungal infections can be treated with
Benign infections are treated with topicals like
5-10 % of tinea capitis can progress to ___ Reactions
Contraction of infection through which species of dermatophyte is harder to treat and considered CHRONIC
____ dermatophytosis tend to be more CHRONIC
Respiratory fungal infection is also known as
Severity of the disease depends on amount of
Type of growth in endemic mycoses
This fungus mainly effects immunodeficient patients
Aside from Neisseria, which other microorganism is present in mucosal surfaces
HIV/Aids patients can develop ______ ______ as a result of C. albicans infection
Most common fungal infection
Women can develop this as a result of C. Albicans
Blood-borne fungal infections are diagnosed by assessing _____ ______ in an individual

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