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S. pyogenes is ___ hemolytic while S.pneumo is ____ hemolytic?
S. pneumo is sensitive to ______ and _______?
Antibody binding leads to capsular swelling. This is known as _______ _______?
There is an abundance of ________ in teichoic acid of S.pneumo which DIFFERENTIATES it from GAS?
Spreading factor in virulence of S. pneumo?
_____ binds to fibronectin in S.pyogenes while _______ binds to fibronectin in S.pneumo?
Eno is a virulence factor in S.pneumo that does what ?
Cytolytic Toxin?
Prevent binding of C3?
S. pneumo is catalase _______?
Enterobacteria and Streptococcus have what O2 requirements?
T/F Pathogenicity of S. pneumo is intrinsic to bacteria?
The ______ ______ to S.pneumo is responsible for the damage done post infection?
Main virulence determinant in S. pyogenes is ______ while S. pneumo is _______?
S. pneumo often piggy back on upper respiratory _______ infections?
S. pneumo is the most common cause of __________ _________?
WHat are the other two infectiosn caused by S. pneumo?
How are babies protected post-partum??
from mother 
This vaccine has little class switching ?
Most common vaccine given to babies?

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