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Genus that colonizes mucosal surfaces of bodies
How many pathogenic strains of Neisseria?
Neisseria are gram negative ______
Oxygen requirement for BOTH STRAINS
N.g. will solely grow on
very fastidious 
Temperature requirement for growth of N.g.
Aside from being aerobic and gram negative, another way to identify N.g. is through this test
Colonies turn black on chocolate agar after p-aminodimethylaniline is added
If the culture is taken from mucosa, which media is used to isolate Neisseria
T/F Diplococci bacteria are only present in vaginal tract when there is an infection
Part of Vaginal Flora 
Gram stain in male confer __ % sensitivty to N.g.
ONly known host for N.g.
Incubation time for N.g. is from 2 - __ days
Infection of N.g. is a _____ process
First phase of infection process for N.g.
Firm attachment of N.g. is due to
Distal attachment of N.g. is due to
What phase occurs after N.g. is endocytosed by epithelial cells?
After being endocytosed, where is N.g. taken?
LPS on N.g. causes release of ___ leading to collateral damage
THe last phase of pathogenesis of N.g. is the RELEASE Phase. where is the bacteria released from
Improper treatment of gonorrhea and ______ _______ account for the gradual rise in Gonorrhea cases in USA
Gonorrhea travels with _______
Syndrome caused by GC + Chlamydia
T/F Gram staining is sufficient to identify Chlamydia
T/F Chlamydia always travels by itself
Obligate parasite 
Incubation time of Chlamydia can be anywhere from ___ to 14 days
Bacteria responsible for Chlamydia
Chlamydia identified by
Second bout of urethritis in post-gonococcal urethritis is caused by
Women have an open reproductive system which leads to _________ ____________ disease
Bacteremia, ARthritis and _____ are results of Disseminated Gonococcal dissease
Aside from PID, what are the other major symptoms of N.g. alone
T/F Post-gonococcal urethritis can happen in males as well
Most common symptom in females is due to this bacteria
Antibiotic used for gonococcal and non-gonococcal urethritis
Antigenic variation in Gonorrhea is due to recombination in what gene?
The silent form of Pili gene is
lacks promoter 
Antigenic variation in the Pili protein makes _____ impossible to develop
GC and Chlamydia together are treated with
Difference between N.g and N. meningitidis
Pathogenesis of N. Meningitidis is mediated via
Transmission of N.g. is through person-person contact but N.m. is contracted via _______ transmission
Where is the culture taken from to test presence of N.m.?
Overlapping symptoms/disease processes of N.m. with N.g.
Which serotype of N.m. does NOT have a vaccine against it?
Leading cause of STD's in USA
Only way to identify CHlamydia is through
Chlamydia mainly effects these two areas in body
Through which phase does Chlamydia spread?
When Chlamydia leaves a cell, which form is it converted to
Which form is the growth phase?
T/F Cell divsion occurs in Reticular Form
Bacteria is only invasive if released across _________ _______
Aside from cervitis and urethritis, what is the other major complication of Chlamydia
Which bacteria cannot be stained: N.m, N.g. Chlamydia
Which bacteria is identified through Serological
Which genus can be isolated using chocolate agar
Immunoflourescent tagging identifes bacteria associated with what STD
Gumma are present during which phase of pathogenesis of syphilis
Primary stage of syphilis infection is marked by lesions in
Nodules in the skin and bones post syphilis infection are termed
Lesions in lymph nodes appear in _____ phase of syphilis infection
Aside from gumma, what other system is effected in tertiary phase of syphilis
Incubation time of Syphilis is
What other test besides Immunoflourescence tagging is used to ID syphillis?

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