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Epigenome refers to the genome with all of the
A major drive of transmission in epigenetics
5 position 
If 5 methylcytosine is DEAMINATED, it is converted to
Over many evolutionary generations, vertebrates lost more of the 5 methylcytosine because the DEAMINATION to THYMIDINE could NOT BE
Transmission of epigenetic information occurs via this process
via this enzyme
which is responsible for passing on ____ ____ to daughter strands
methylation DNA will ___ DNA
Typically genes inherited from dad are ____
from mom
what process resets the genomic imprinting
In embryonic development, which parental DNA is DEMETHYLATED SECOND
In Angelman syndrom, ____ genes are silent
Two types of epigenetic signals
Which epigenetic signal is passed via cytosol
cis epigenetic signals are associated with
Which epigenetic signal is maintained via FEEDBACK LOOPS
Difference between murein leukemia virus and rous sarcoma virus
in rous sarcoma virus 
v-src is lacking the ___ ___ terminus
What is normally located in 3` carboxy terminus
which is needed for
Lack of tyrosine kinase in v-src causes cells with this mutation to be
REquire at least 1 mutation
Loss of function mutation requires ___ mutations
Proto-onocogenes typically encode
20% of all cancer mutations involve this protein
Out of 10 people, 8 have the cancer genotype and about 4 express the cancer. What type of Penetrance?
Which inheritance is usually incomplete penetrance?
In the two-hit hypothesis, what is the first hit and second hit
Susceptibilty genes typically are inherited and exhibit ____ penetrance
miRNA is transcribed by
regulated genes at the level of
Major protein cofactor picked up by miRNA
Upon binding to mRNA this will inhibit translation
The difference between plant and animal miRNA is in the ___ of ____ that miRISC binds to mRNA
In which organism is there a more extensive complementary match between miRISC and mRNA
Process of downregulation is ____ in plants than in animals
Aside from inhibiting translation what else can siRNA do?
Ran-GEF is located in
In export of proteins from nucleus to cytoplasm what must be first brought in from cytoplasm to nucleus?

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