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HintTypes of Berries
Lions and Tigers and...?
A particular law exam
A large black bird
Respect them!
Christmas is coming, and this bird is getting fat.
Made by bees
Used to make Lillehammer berry liquer
Fran Fine
A type of woolly livestock
A tube used for drinking beverages
A fruit made into a sauce that is popular at Thanksgiving dinner
A colorful term for 'sad'
Opposite of white
The color of a beret in a pop song from 1985
Gaining access to someone else's computer
HintTypes of Berries
Tiny droplets of condensation
Vulpes vulpes
Apparently lives in a pear tree
'And to Think That I Saw it on _____ Street!' by Dr. Seuss
A popular trend in weight loss supplements
Travel in packs
Red oblong berries, the majority of which are supplied by China
A tart berry, created as a cross of 3 other berries
A juicy, purple-red berry that grows on a thorny stalk
Not old
A berry that grows on the West Coast of the US, and is a cross between two other man-made berries
There are 7 of them.
An artificial flavor used in candies and other snack foods.

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