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Pokemon: Guess That Ability!!!

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Pokemon that can have this abilityAbilityAbility Description
TaurosRaises Attack x6 upon being hit by a critical hit
BisharpRaises Attack x2 upon have any stat lowered
KangaskhanThe Pokemon wakens quickly from sleeping
Mr.MimePowers down super effective moves
SligooContact with the Pokemon lowers speed stat
TogekissBoosts Attack, lowers accuracy
NoivernIgnores Reflect,Light Screen,Safeguard,Mist and Substitute
GyaradosLowers foe attack stat upon switching in
HitmonchanBoosts the power of punching moves
HydreigonGives full immunity to Ground type moves
ClawitzerPowers up pulse and aura moves
HonchkrowRaises Attack by 1 upon KOing a Pokemon
DragoniteHalves damage taken at full HP
DelcattyAll the Pokemon's move become normal type
SylveonNormal type moves become Fairy type
Pokemon that can have this abilityAbilityAbility Description
GliscorRestores HP if the Pokemon is poisoned
HitmonleePowers up moves that have recoil
TyrantrumProtects the Pokemon from recoil damage
GarchompBoosts Pokemon's evasion in a sandstorm
PangoroEnables Moves to hit Ghost types
SwoobatDoubles the stat changes
ExploudGives full immunity to sound based moves
PikachuContact with the Pokemon my cause paralysis
MewPasses burn, paralysis or poison to the foe
ZekromMoves can be used regardless of abilities
BarbaraclePowers up moves that make direct contact
HawluchaDoubles speed if item is used
ElectivirePrevents the Pokemon from falling asleep
JolteonHeals Pokemon if hit by an Electric type move
ShedinjaOnly super effective moves will hit

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