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This type of dr. specializes in the kidneys, bladder & ureters, as well as the male reproductive organs
The original name for the hero was Jumpman, and he was a carpenter, not a plumber, in this game
THE ONION Article:This company 'introduces 'Nothing but Tears' shampoo to toughen up newborns'
You're gonna need a bigger boat than the Orca in this Peter Benchley thriller
In 1911 Eduardo de Valfierno stole this Renaissance portrait in order to sell 6 forgeries of it
It describes sound or video played in real time over the Internet
Olympia Snowe & Susan Collins now represent this state that elected Margaret Chase Smith to both houses of Congress
Hi, I'm Steve Buscemi, I'll dress like Buddy Holly & be John & Uma's waiter in this 1994 film
Be careful what you write about another person; if it's defamatory & untrue, it's this crime
Many books, like a 1688 illustrated 'Paradise Lost', were once sold by this method used by magazines that come in the mail
Ports on this sea include Riga & Stockholm
On July 18, 1792 this 'Father of the American Navy' bought his 'Stairway to Heaven'

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