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Done in comic strip form, Marjane Satrapi' 'Persepolis' is about life during this country's Islamic Revolution
This cartoon elephant king of Celesteville is married to his, eek, cousin Celeste
This beloved icon remains the best-selling PEZ dispenser today
Moby Dick is a ferocious albino whale of this species
Chatting at your desk on Instant Messenger? Type AFK into the window to tell them you're 'away from' this
This practice is sometimes called mercy killing
His Third Symphony in E Flat Major is known as 'Eroica'
Rent asunder in 2006, playmate Shanna Moakler & this Blink-182 drummer reunited after his 2008 plane crash
The trademarked name of this hook & loop fastener is from the French for 'hooked velvet'
Late in pregnancy, a woman should sleep on her left side; back sleeping makes this organ put pressure on the aorta
A middle position, or someone who communicates with the dead
At almost 1 million square miles, this nation is the largest in Africa

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