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Can you name the people from South Carolina featured on The Daily Show?

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July 28, 2008Who was the senator who compared Democrats to Steve Urkel from Family Matters?
June 23, 2009Who was the governor who claimed he was hiking the Appalachian Trail, when he was visiting his mistress in Argentina?
July 16, 2009Which senator appears on the 'Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians' blog?
August 3, 2009Who was arrested for having sex with a horse, twice?
August 3, 2009Who suggested a gorilla was Michelle Obama's ancestor?
August 3, 2009Which black state senator proposed a Confederate Memorial Day holiday?
January 25, 2010Who compared kids who get free school lunches to stray animals?
June 7, 2010Which state senator described gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley as a 'raghead'?
June 7, 2010Who claimed he had sexual relations with Nikki Haley, despite being flamingly southern?
June 14, 2010Who won the Democratic Senate primary despite having no campaign signs, and while living in his father's basement?
1997-2005Which former Daily Show correspondent, who now hosts a spin-off show, is from South Carolina?

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