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Can you name the Razzie nominees that would have won the Razzie Award for Worst Picture if RT users decided?

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In the case of a percentage tie, whichever movie has more votes would be considered more "significantly" bad, if we're talking statistics.
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YearWorst PictureActor/Actress
1980Talia Shire
1981Miles O'Keeffe
1982Orson Welles
1983Lou Ferrigno
1984Bo Derek
1985Ryan O'Neal
1986Sean Penn
1987Bill Cosby
1988Bobcat Goldthwait
1989William Shatner
1990Tom Hanks
1991Chevy Chase
1992Marlon Brando
1994Elijah Wood
1995Julia Sweeney
YearWorst PictureActor/Actress
1996Pamela Anderson
1997George Clooney
1998Uma Thurman
1999Will Smith
2000John Travolta
2001Sylvester Stallone
2002Eddie Murphy
2003Ben Affleck
2004Jon Voight
2005Jamie Kennedy
2006Nicolas Cage
2007Lindsay Lohan
2008Matt Lanter
2009Sandra Bullock
2010Chris Riggi

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