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Can you name the top 50 movies as voted by females according to IMDB?

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1.Tim Robbins
2.Joseph Gordon-Levitt
3.Ralph Fiennes
4.Orlando Bloom
5.James Caan
6.Sean Bean
7.Tom Hanks*
8.Louise Fletcher
9.Christian Bale
10.Audrey Tautou
11.Grace Kelly
12.Lee J. Cobb
13.Clark Gable
14.Brad Pitt
15.Ingrid Bergman
16.Sean Astin
17.Jodie Foster
18.Tom Hanks
19.Robert De Niro
20.Edward Furlong
21.Gregory Peck
22.Roberto Benigni
23.Gabriel Byrne
24.Elissa Knight*
25.Adrien Brody
26.Janet Leigh
27.Paige O'Hara*
28.Matthew Broderick*
29.Natalie Portman
30.Edward Asner*
31.Jim Carrey
32.Gene Kelly
33.Marilyn Monroe
34.James Stewart
35.Ivana Baquero
36.Gloria Swanson
37.Daveigh Chase* (English Version)
38.Karen Allen
39.Carrie Fisher
40.Ellen DeGeneres*
41.Samuel L. Jackson
42.Mila Kunis
43.James Earl Jones*
44.Michael Clarke Duncan
45.Johnny Depp
46.Dev Patel
47.Morgan Freeman
48.Bette Davis
49.Rachel McAdams
50.Mark Wahlberg

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