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Can you name the state, given its shameful, tragic, or odd characteristic?

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In some cases, there were reported ties, in which both states are acceptable answers, BUT pay attention to which state pops up in the answer box, because all 50 states are used, and the one in the answer box is the one that counts for that answer.
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Highest Number of Alcohol-related Motorcycle Deaths
Most Corrupt State
Poorest Health
Highest Rate of Robbery
Highest Rate of Gonorrhea
Worst Drivers
Most Environmentally Unfriendly
Longest Average Daily Commute
Highest Cost of Living
Most Cancer Deaths
Most Cases of Bestiality
Highest Rate of Online Porn Subscriptions
Nerdiest Residents
Highest Rate of Female Incarceration
Highest Rate of Stroke
Lowest Average Teacher Salary
Highest Rate of Drunk Driving Deaths
Highest Percent of Population over 85 Years Old
Highest Percentage of Mobile Homes
Lowest High School Graduation Rate
Highest Rate of Women Murdered Annually
Highest Violent Crime Rate
Highest Rate of Breast Cancer
Highest Rate of Obesity
Highest Rate of Bankruptcy
Highest Rate of Arson Deaths
Highest Rate of Binge Drinking
Highest Rate of Deadly Car Crashes
Most Air Pollution
Highest Rate of Identity Theft
Most Antisocial
Highest Rate of Citizen Taxation
Dumbest Teenagers
Highest Rate of Influenza
Most Infertile State
Ugliest Residents
Highest Number of Tornadoes
Worst Average Credit Score
Highest Rate of Forcible Rape
Highest Rate of Long-term Homeless People
Highest Rate of Heart Attack
Highest Rate of AIDS Diagnoses
Highest Abortion Rate
Highest Rate of Alcoholism
Highest Unemployment Rate
Lowest Level of Congressional Clout
Highest Suicide Rate
Highest Rate of Illicit Drug Use
Highest Rate of Corporate Taxes
Highest Rate of Cocaine Use per Capita

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