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Can you name the spells from Harry Potter based on the letter given?

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LetterSpellSpell Effect
ASummoning Charm
BGinny's specialty, it gets her in the Slug Club
CConfusing Hex, used on the Goblet of Fire and Cormac McLaggen
DCreates a powerful gust of wind
EHeals minor injuries
FProduces bandages from the tip of the wand
GCauses stairs to become flat and slippery, like a slide
HIf humans are near, this spell will let you know
IWraps the target in ropes
JSupposedly used to calm the riot of the 1999 Puddlemere/Holyhead Quidditch Game
KCauses the patella to switch from the front of the leg to the back
LetterSpellSpell Effect
LSticks the target's tongue to the roof of its mouth, making them unable to speak
MHermione uses this spell to move the Christmas tree in the Three Broomsticks to create a hiding spot
NPuts the light at the end of the wand out
OCauses conjured objects to attack a target
PTurns the wand into a four-point compass
QSilences the users' voice after the effects of Sonorus
RTickling Charm
SConjures a snake from thin air
TSiphons material from the surface of an object, like blood
UUsed by Hermione to ensure that Rita Skeeter would never escape from her glass jar prison
WSends an object flying at high speed at the command of the caster

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