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Can you name the 50 Western movies nominated by the American Film Institute for its Top 10 Western Film list?

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YearMovieFeatured Actor/Actress
1952James Stewart
1958Gregory Peck
1974Cleavon Little
1950Jeff Chandler
1969Paul Newman
1965Jane Fonda
1964Richard Widmark
1990Kevin Costner
1939Marlene Dietrich
1946Jennifer Jones
1948John Wayne
1956Elizabeth Taylor
1950Helen Westcott
1952Gary Cooper
1973Clint Eastwood
1962Henry Fonda
1924George O'Brien
1972Robert Redford
1954Joan Crawford
1971Timothy Bottoms
1970Dustin Hoffman
1996Chris Cooper
1962Kirk Douglas
1960Yul Brynner
1965Charlton Heston
YearMovieFeatured Actor/Actress
1962Vera Miles
1971Warren Beatty
1946Linda Darnell
1976Chief Dan George
1943Dana Andrews
1985Michael Moriarty
1936Jean Arthur
1948Montgomery Clift
1962Randolph Scott
1959Dean Martin
1950Maureen O'Hara
1956Jeffrey Hunter
1953Alan Ladd
1948Joanne Dru
1976Lauren Bacall
1985Kevin Kline
1939Claire Trevor
1957Richard Boone
1969Glen Campbell
1925William S. Hart
1992Gene Hackman
1939Barbara Stanwyck
1940Walter Brennan
1969William Holden
1968Joan Hackett

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