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Can you name the 50 gangster movies nominated by the American Film Institute for its Top 10 Gangster Film list?

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AFI defines the “gangster film” as a genre that centers on organized crime or maverick criminals in a twentieth century setting.Profit-minded and highly entrepreneurial, the American gangster is the dark side of the American dream. The gangsters’ lifestyles are portraits in extremes, with audiences cheering their excesses and reveling in their demise.
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YearMovieFeatured Actor/Actress
1959Rod Steiger
1938James Cagney
1980Burt Lancaster
1953Glenn Ford
1970Shelley Winters
1967Warren Beatty
1991Laurence Fishburne
1993Chazz Palminteri
1940Edward G. Robinson
1991Annette Bening
1976Scott Baio
1994John Cusack
1995Robert De Niro
1931Gary Cooper
1937Humphrey Bogart
2006Mark Wahlberg
1997Johnny Depp
1948John Garfield
1935James Cagney
1995Gene Hackman
1972Marlon Brando
1974Al Pacino
1990Joe Pesci
1949Peggy Cummins
1995Val Kilmer
YearMovieFeatured Actor/Actress
2005Viggo Mortensen
1948Lauren Bacall
1946Ava Gardner
1930Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
1990Gabriel Byrne
1991Wesley Snipes
1954Karl Malden
1984James Woods
1998George Clooney
1985Jack Nicholson
1931Jean Harlow
1994John Travolta
1992Harvey Keitel
1960Ray Danton
1939Priscilla Lane
1932Paul Muni
1983Steven Bauer
1945Joan Bennett
1959Marilyn Monroe
1974Keith Carradine
1958Charlton Heston
1927George Bancroft
1987Kevin Costner
1995Kevin Spacey
1949Virginia Mayo

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