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 Monotherapy, first presentation or isolated episode in a 12 months period.
 High first pass metabolism, fewer side effects, less effective, mild cases
 Less effective, mild cases, anti-inflammatory
 Liquid diet as alternative to steroids
 2 or more inflammatory exacerbations in 12-months, or the glucocorticosteroid dose cannot be tapered. Monitor for neutropenia, immunosuppressive
 If very low or absent, above drugs can't be given
 Inhibition of metabolism of folic acid, also anti-cancer
 Given until failure or until 12 months are up. Then reassessment. Clear evidence of ongoing disease required.
 Severe=weight loss, fever, severe abdo pain, 3-4x diarrhoea/day
 Use them alongside mabs
 Many long term side effects
 Also when growth impairment and refractory disease in children

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