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What date was William the Conqueror crowned on?
Of which country was Harald Hardrada King of?
What was the exact date of the battle of Stamford Bridge? (dd/mm/yyyy)
Who built the Tower of London?
What relation is Harold Godwinesson to Tostig?
What was the name of the hill that the Saxons held during the Battle of Hastings?
Which battle was between the Earls Edwin and Morcar and Harald Hardrada and Tostig?
Of what region of Saxon England was Harold Godwinesson Earl of?
Which British monarch introduced the feudal system?
Who preceded Harold Godwinesson as King of England?
Who was the grandson of Edward the Confessor's half-brother?
What was the name of the group of men who decided the King of England after Edward I's death?
Who was the Archbishop of Canterbury at the start of William I's reign?
Who was the Archbishop of Canterbury at the start of Harold Godwinesson's reign?
Which important person died on the 5th of January 1066?

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