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QUIZ: Can you name the harry potter characters?

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Forced Order
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What is Voldemort's middle name?
How many horcruxes does Voldemort make?
Who does Harry eventually marry?
Name 1 of Harry's kids? (middle names as well)
What is Aunt Petunia's maiden name?
Was Harry's father a muggle or a pureblood?
How many sisters does Luna Lovegood have?
What is Luna's father's first name?
Who does harry describe as `probably the bravest man I ever new.`
Who is married to hermione?
Who is one of Harry's ancestors?
Where does Hermione send her parents so voldemort cannot find them?
Name the founders of Hogwarts (hint: red)
Ditto (hint: green)
Ditto (hint: yellow)
Ditto (hint: blue)
How many Harry Potter individual films are there?
How many house elves does Harry own?
Times the letters in Voldemort by the syllables in Deathly Hallows.
Name the county which harry lived in with the Dursleys

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