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Chapter One: What kind of vehicle did Bella's dad buy for her?
Chapter Two: What book did the English class have a pop quiz on?
Chapter Three: What did Charlie do that made Bella choke up?
Chapter Four: Where does Edward offer to drive Bella?
Chapter Five: What theory does Bella give Edward for what he is?
Chapter Six: What do the Quileute's call vampires?
Chapter Seven: What website does Bella read up on vampires?
Chapter Eight: What does Edward command Bella to do as soon as she gets in his car after almost getting attacked by men in Port Angeles?
Chapter Nine: How long does Edward say he has been seventeen?
Chapter Ten: When Bella asks Edward what would happen if he ate real food, what does he eat to prove to her he can?
Chapter Eleven: When Edward is questioning Bella, what does she say her favorite color is?
Chapter Twelve: What does the note Edward leaves on Bella's truck seat say?
Chapter Thirteen: What is the quote Edward says to Bella regarding a lion and a lamb?
Chapter Fourteen: When and where was Edward born?
Chapter Fifteen: Where was Carlisle born?
Chapter Sixteen: What group of vampires do we first hear about in this chapter?
Chapter Seventeen: Who is the referee for the baseball game?
Chapter Eighteen: Who appears to be the leader of the group of vampires traveling through Forks?
Chapter Nineteen: What car do they take when escaping to Phoenix?
Chapter Twenty: What room does Alice draw from her vision?
Chapter Twenty One: What does Alice draw next?
Chapter Twenty Two: What hotel's shuttle does Bella take when escaping the airport?
Chapter Twenty Three: Other than her leg, what else does Bella break?
Chapter Twenty Four: What do Edward and Carlisle tell Renee is the reason for Bella's injuries?
Epilogue: What color dress does Bella wear to the Prom?

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