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Girls will be boys and boys will be girls it's a mixed up muddled up shook up world...Lola
Terry meets julie, waterloo station. Every friday night. But I am so lazy, don't want to wander. I stay at home at night Waterloo Sunset
I'm not content to be with you in the daytimeAll Day and All of the Night
I was born lucky me, in a land that I love, though I'm poor I'm freeVictoria
My girlfriends run off with my car, and gone back to her ma and pa, telling tales of drunkeness and crueltySunny Afternoon
Everybody's a dreamer, and everybody's a star and everybody's in show biz, it doesn't matter who you areCelluloid Heroes
There's a crack up in the ceiling and the kitchen sink is leakingDead End Street
When I was small I believed in Santa Clause though I knew it was my dadFather Christmas
My makeup is dry and it clags 'round my chin I'm drowning my sorrows in whiskey and gin Death of a Clown
All the houses in the streets have got a name, cause all the houses in the streets they look the sameShangri-la
I know a man he's a powerful man he's got the people in his power in the palm of his handPowerman
Cheap is small and not too steep but best of all cheap is cheapLow Budget
You take all of your smart modern writers, give me William Shakespeare, You keep all your smart modern painters I'll take Rembrandt, Titian, Da Vinci and Gainsborough20th Century Man
your mama and your papa and fat old Uncle Charlie are boozing with their friendsPicture Book
When nighttime peeps I start to creep I prowl around while your fast asleepSleepwalker
Then it's back where you started, here we go round again...Do It Again
Now my agent called me and said to me 'Son, your record just got to number one, and you know what this means? you can earn some real money now.'Top of the Pops
Ma and Pa look back at all the things they used to do, didn't have no money and they always told the truthWhere Have All The Good Times Gone
I've been waiting for years to buy a brand new Caddilac, but now that I've got one I want to send it right back, I can't afford the gas for my luxury limousineA Gallon Of Gas
There's a guy in my block, he lives for rock, he plays records day and nightA Rock N' Roll Fantasy
Everybody talk about racial equality, everybody talk about equal rights, but white's white and black's black and that's that...Black Messiah
Lyric Song Title % Correct
Whatever the situation, whatever the race or creed, tea knows no segragation, no class or pedigreeHave A Cuppa Tea
There's just one thing you've got to do, to make me still want youStop Your Sobbing
All life we work but work is a bore, if life's for living what's living for?Oklahoma USA
But I'd rather be here than in a dirty old town, I had to leave the city 'cause it nearly brought me downHoliday
You keep pretending that everythings fine, so you make small talk and pass the time but all the words that spit from your face, add up to nothing you got [song title]Nothing to Say
Reggae music didn't seem to satisfy his needs, he couldn't handle modern jazz because they played in difficult keysPrince of the Punks
No matter what your occupation is, everybody's in showbizEverybody's a Star
I know of no game more fitting than the age old game of cricket, it has honour, it has character and it's BritishCricket
Lavinia looked so divine, as she walked up to the table to dine, and then Lavinia's eyes met mineHoliday Romance
I said I don't need your fancy cooking, I like the simple things in lifeHot Potatoes
There is no hope no reasoning [song title], and everybody felt the rainRainy Day In June
My band went broke and my well ran dry it was almost enough to contemplate suicide, I turned on the gas but I soon realized I hadn't settled my bills so they cut off my supplyLife Goes On
I'm immortalizing his life, and I'll even sleep with his wife for the sake of art I'll go to bed like the [Song Title}Ordinary People
He gets up early bout 7 o'clock, the alarm goes off and then the house starts to rock, in and out of the bathroom by 7:03, by 7:10 he's downstairs drinking his teaRush Hour Blues
He's checking a list that's been checked out before, he's starting to lose his mindNine To Five
Don't think of things that make you sad, just remember all the good times that you hadSchooldays
i'll have some clam chowder followed by beef steak on rye, pumpkin pie whipped cream and coffeeMaximum Consumption
They're gonna put you down for a while you've got to learn to grit your teeth and smile and look a little on the funny sunny side of lifeLook a Little On The Sunny Side
Living is fantasy, traveling mentally Making up tunes in hotel rooms, 'Bout places I've never been toKentucky Moon
Made a lot of conversation, talked a lot of weather, I hope we meet again someday and spend some time togetherHere Comes Yet Another Day
Slow dancing in a disco, standing underneath the lightshow, standing underneath the [song title]Artificial Light

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