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Let's play Who Wants to Be a Mets Millionaire! Just enter the letter of your answer choice, or type 'quit' to quit. Wrong answers end the game. (Note: There are no lifelines in this game.)

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QuestionType letter of answer choice or 'quit'Answer choices
 [A. Met the Mutt] [B. Supermet] [C. Mr. Met] [D. Cow-bell Man]
 [A. Tommie Agee] [B. Tom Gordon] [C. Tom Glavine] [D. Tom Seaver]
 [A. Casey Stengel] [B. Connie Mack] [C. Kevin Plawecki] [D. Fred Wilpon]
 [A. Oakland A's] [B. Baltimore Orioles] [C. New York Yankees] [D. Boston Red Sox]
 [A. Gary Carter] [B. Yogi Berra] [C. Carlton Fisk] [D. Mike Piazza]
 [A. Bob Murphy] [B. Cito Gaston] [C. Lindsey Nelson] [D. Gary Cohen]
 [A. Carlos Delgado] [B. Dave Kingman] [C. Darryl Strawberry] [D. Todd Hundley]
 [A. Jon Matlack] [B. Jim Fregosi] [C. Dave Kingman] [D. Rusty Staub]
 [A. Rickey Henderson] [B. Jose Reyes] [C. Roger Cedeno] [D. Lance Johnson]
 [A. Jason Isringhausen] [B. Todd Van Poppel] [C. Bobby Jones] [D. Sid Fernandez]
 [A. Dwight Gooden] [B. Craig Swan] [C. Walt Terrell] [D. Doug Sisk]
 [A. Doug Sisk] [B. Kevin Elster] [C. Dwight Gooden] [D. Dave Magadan]
 [A. Ray Knight] [B. Richie Hebner] [C. Elliott Maddox] [D. Hubie Brooks]
 [A. Johnny Murphy] [B. Bing Devine] [C. Joe McDonald] [D. George Weiss]
 [A. Gerald Williams] [B. Marlon Anderson] [C. Mike Cameron] [D. Cliff Floyd]

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