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Forced Order
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For a given object on a given surface is the coefficient of static friction or kinetic friction greater?
Centripetal acceleration goes in what direction relative to it's circular path of motion?
If they have the same velocity, which object has more momentum: a car or a feather?
Is every single particle in the universe gravitationally attracted to every other particle in the universe?
What physicist united the five 'versions' of string theory and introduced M theory?
Do photons have mass?
True or False: Scientists will someday be able to construct telescopes powerful enough to see a black hole?
What can a quantity be labeled if it essentially measures volume, and has both direction and magnitude?
What does Newton's first law of motion define? (one word answer)
The Heisenberg uncertainty principle states that you cannot know what two things about an electron?
What will a force acting on an object (not in equilibrium) cause it to do?
What units is force commonly measured in?
Which is faster, an object moving at 1 kilometer per hour, or 1 mile per hour
Does a planet with a radius twice that of earth but the same mass have greater or lesser gravitational attraction?
The term 'valence' is mostly associated with what particle?
About how long would it take to travel from one edge of our galaxy to the other at the speed of light?
In the equation E=mc squared, what constant does 'c' stand for?
About what is the speed of light in meters per second? (in a vacuum)
The average distance from the earth to sun is defined as what unit of measurement? (a meter/lightyear/inch)
What greek letter is used to symbolize wavelength?
Energy is commonly measured in what units?
In the study of momentum there are two types of collisions. What are they?
What type of force causes an object to twist or rotate?
The number of stars in the milky way is estimated at what power of 10? (hundreds, thousands, millions...)
Angular acceleration is described using what greek letter?
What is the metric equivalent to the english degrees? (not temperature)
How many radians complete a circle in terms of pi?

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