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[A] The basic structure of matter
[B] This temperature marks the point at which the molecules in a substance have enough thermal energy to break various intramolecular bonds; the substance loses a definite volume
[C] An object designed to 'store' energy with two oppositely charged plates positioned in parallel
[D] The effect observed when a frequency emitter is in motion relative to a frequency receptor, therefore shifting the true frequency
[E] Can be transferred between many different varieties, such as kinetic, gravitational potential, and chemical potential, but is always conserved
[F] If the net amount of this vector quantity on a mass is not zero, the mass will accelerate
[G] The fundamental nature of this force is unknown. However, nearly all structures of the universe owe their existence to it, including galaxies, solar systems, and planets
[H] Unit defined mathematically as an inverse second (s^-1 or 1/s)
[I] Known most commonly as an object's resistance to change in velocity
[J] Unit of energy
[K] Scale of temperature, not measured in degrees, that is used in thermodynamics to avoid the negative quantities of other scales
[L] The speed of this wave in a vacuum is thought to be a sort of ultimate, cosmic speed limit
[M] A larger scale manifestation of the electric forces of electrons that results sometimes from an electric current, which can be measured macroscopically
[N] A kilogram meter per second squared; a one kilogram mass on the earths surface experiences about 9.8 of these units
[O] The study of how light interacts with matter and the way humans see it (or don't), including lenses and mirrors
[P] A force applied to a specific surface area by a fluid that is caused by molecular collisions with the surface area
[Q] This point particle makes up hadrons, but not leptons or bosons
[R] The measurable efficiency of a mechanism in a circuit exchanging electrical potential energy in a current for other forms of energy
[S] The electromagnetic ________ encompasses all known wavelengths (and their respective frequencies and energies) of light
[T] A force applied away from an objects center of mass, often via a lever arm
[U] This classification of electromagnetic radiation is the cause of sunburns, and is higher energy than visible light
[V] Word used to describe an area or volume that lacks substance and exerts little to no pressure
[W] The product of a force and the distance it acted along; this quantity per unit of time is known as power
[X] This classification of electromagnetic radiation is often used for medical imaging, and is observed by the Chandra Observatory
[Z] A substance with no thermal energy and therefore no atomic or molecular motion has reached absolute ____

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