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RankNamePosition - Clubs (Career Span)
1FW - MANCHESTER UNITED, Preston, Waterford United (1956-1976)
2FW - Scunthorpe, LIVERPOOL, Hamburg, Southampton, Newcastle, Blacktown (1968-1985)
3MF - NEWCASTLE, TOTTENHAM, Lazio, Rangers, Middlesbrough, Everton, Burnley, Gansu Tianma, Boston United (1985-2004)
4FW - Stoke City, BLACKPOOL (1932-1965)
6GK - Chesterfield, LEICESTER, Stoke, Cleveland Stokers*, Hellenic*, Ft. Lauderdale Strikers, St. Patrick's Athletic* (1958-1977)
7DF - WEST HAM, Fulham, San Antonio Thunder*, Seattle Sounders, Herning Fremad (1958-1978)
8MF - LIVERPOOL, LA Galaxy (1998-present)
9FW - Everton, MANCHESTER UNITED (2002-present)
10FW - LEICESTER, Everton, Barcelona, Tottenham, Nagoya Grampus Eight (1978-1994)
11MF - MANCHESTER UNITED, Preston*, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, AC Milan*, Paris SG (1992-2013)
12FW - Southampton, Blackburn, NEWCASTLE (1988-2006)
13MF - West Brom, MANCHESTER UNITED, Middlesbrough (1974-1997)
14GK - Leeds, Peterborough, Birmingham, Queens Park Rangers, ARSENAL, Manchester City (1981-2004)
15FW - Arsenal, Fulham, Newcastle, MANCHESTER UNITED, Blackburn, Manchester City, Portsmouth, Birmingham*, Sunderland, Burnley*, Nottingham Forest (1989-2008)
16MF - West Ham, Swansea*, CHELSEA, Manchester City, New York City (1995-present)
17DF - Arsenal, Crystal Palace*, CHELSEA, Roma, LA Galaxy (1998-present)
18MF - LIVERPOOL, Real Madrid, Manchester City (1990-2005)
19FW - Millwall, Aldershot*, Djurgårdens IF*, Nottingham Forest, TOTTENHAM, Manchester United, Portsmouth, West Ham, Colchester (1983-2008)
20MF - West Ham, MANCHESTER UNITED, Internazionale, Liverpool, Middlesbrough, Wolverhampton, Swindon Town, Macclesfield (1986-2007)
21DF - ARSENAL (1983-2002)
22GK - LEICESTER, Stoke, Nottingham Forest, Southampton, Derby, Plymouth, Wimbeldon, Bolton, Coventry, West Ham, Leyton Orient (1966-1997)
23MF - TOTTENHAM, Monaco, Swindon Town, Chelsea (1975-1995)
24FW - CRYSTAL PALACE, Arsenal, West Ham, Nottingham Forest*, Celtic, Burnley (1985-2000)
25DF - CHELSEA, Nottingham Forest* (1998-present)
26DF - West Ham, Bournemouth*, Leeds, MANCHESTER UNITED, Queens Park Rangers (1996-2015)
27FW - LIVERPOOL, Real Madrid, Newcastle, Manchester United, Stoke City (1996-2013)
28DF - TOTTENHAM, Arsenal, Portsmouth, Notts County, Newcastle (1992-2011)
29FW - NEWCASTLE, Tottenham, Marseille, Sheffield Wednesday Falkirk, Bradford, Sudnerland, Torquay (1978-1998)
30DF - Wealdstone, Coventry, NOTTINGHAM FOREST, Newcastle, West Ham, Manchester City (1978-2002)
31MF - Carlisle, Vancouver Whitecaps, Manchester United, NEWCASTLE, Liverpool, Everton, Bolton, Manchester City*, Fulham, Hartlepool, Melbounre Knights (1979-1999)
32DF - LIVERPOOL, Sheffield United (1971-1986)
33MF - CREWE ALEXANDRA, Aston Villa, Bari, Juventus, Sampdoria, Arsenal, Nottingham Forest (1985-2001)
34FW - LIVERPOOL, Leeds, Manchester City, Cardiff, Blackburn, North Queensland Fury, Perth Glory, Muangthong United (1993-2012)
35FW - Hayes, QUEENS PARK RANGERS, Brentford*, Beşiktaş*, Newcastle, Tottenham, Leicester, Bolton, Reading, Watford (1986-2006)
36FW - Sudbury Court, Watford, LIVERPOOL, Newcastle, Charlton (1980-1999)
37DF - MANCHESTER UNITED (1992-2011)
38MF - West Ham, Swindon Town*, Birmingham*, Tottenham, MANCHESTER UNITED (1999-present)
39MF - MANCHESTER UNITED, Newcastle, Birmingham* (1992-2006)
40DF - LIVERPOOL (1996-2013)
41MF - MANCHESTER UNITED (1953-1958)
42DF - ARSENAL, Brighton & Hove*, Aston Villa, Everton, Leicester, Reading (1984-2005)
43FW - WEST HAM, Stoke City, Cape Town City*, West Brom, Cork Celtic, Seattle Sounders (1959-1976)
44DF - LEEDS (1952-1973)
45FW - Chelsea, Milan, TOTTENHAM, West Ham, Brentwood, Chelmsford City, Barnet, Woodford Town (1957-1980)
46DF - CHELSEA, Blackburn, Southampton (1989-2005)
47MF - SOUTHAMPTON (1986-2002)
48MF - Wimbledon, Grebbestads IF*, CHELSEA, Leicester, Millwall, Southampton, Coventry (1985-2006)
49FW - NORWICH CITY, Adelaide City*, Nottingham Forest, Southampton*, Notts County, Brighton & Hove, LA Heat, Edmonton Brickmen, Manchester City, West Ham, Leyton Orient, Hamilton Steelers, Toronto Blizzard, Newcastle, Torquay, Heart of Midlothian, Atlanta Ruckus (1978-1998)
50DF - Crystal Palace, ASTON VILLA, Middlesbrough (1988-2006)
RankNamePosition - Clubs (Career Span)
51FW - Norwich City, BLACKBURN, Chelsea, CELTIC, Birmingham, Aston Villa (1991-2007)
52FW - QUEENS PARK RANGERS, Crystal Palace, Tottenham, Bordeaux, Manchester City, Chelsea, West Ham, Millwall, Carlisle (1978-1995)
53DF - Gillingham, Norwich City, MANCHESTER UNITED, Birmingham City, Sheffield United (1979-1999)
54FW - DERBY COUNTY, Middlesbrough (1891-1914)
55FW - CHELSEA, Southampton, Norwich City*, Phildelphia Fury (1964-1979)
56MF - ARSENAL, Middlesbrough, Hull City (1992-2007)
57MF - Arsenal, LIVERPOOL, Swansea, Hartlepool (1968-1985)
58MF - LIVERPOOL, Ft Lauderdale Strikers*, Swansea, Canberra City*, Cork United, Sandefjord, Crewe Alexandra (1960-1982)
59GK - Scunthorpe Unite, LIVEPOOL, Tottenham (1965-1988)
60DF - NOTTINGHAM FOREST, Arsenal, Manchester United, Sheffield Wednesday, Barnsley, Middlesbrough (1974-1995)
61MF - MANCHESTER UNITED, Middlesbrough, Preston North End (1960-1975)
62MF - Ashton, Blackpool, EVERTON, Arsenal, Hellenic*, Southampton, Philadelphia Fury*, Vancouver Whitecaps, Bristol Rovers (1960-1983)
63MF - QUEENS PARK RANGERS, Crystal Palace, Coventry, Exeter, Cardif, Swansea, Portsmouth, Bristole Rovers (1968-1987)
64FW - Bolton, MANCHESTER CITY, Derby County (1959-1976)
65FW - PRESTON NORTH END (1946-1960)
66MF - WEST HAM, Newcastle Blue Star, Cork City (1966-1985)
67MF - Bury, MANCHESTER CITY, San José Earthquakes (1963-1980)
68DF -NOTTINGHAM FOREST, Sampdoria, Sheffield Wednesday (1984-2004)
69FW - LIVERPOOL, Bolton, Hellenic* (1958-1972)
70DF - Leyton Orient, WEST HAM, Team Hawaii*, Team Hawai, Beerschot (1966-1983)
71DF - LIVERPOOL, Tampa Bay Rowdies*, LA Aztecs, Swansea (1962-1979)
72MF - CHELSEA, Manchester United, AC Milan, Paris SG, Rangers, Queens Park Rangers, Crystal Palace, Wycombe, Hibernian, Millwall, Leyton Orient (1973-1997)
73MF - Torquay, MANCHESTER UNITED, Leeds, Sampdoria*, Bradford, Portsmouth*, Exeter (1988-2002)
74DF - Northampton, LIVERPOOL, Bolton (1968-1989)
75FW - WOLVERHAMPTON, LA Aztecs*, Kansas City Spurs* (1962-1982)
76MF - WEST HAM, Tottenham, Norwich City, Sheffield United (1959-1981)
77FW - BIRMINGHAM, Detroit Express*, Nottingham Forest, Manchester City, Sampdoria, Atalanta, Rangers, Wollongong City, Queens Park Rangers, Sheffield Wednesday (1971-1994)
78DF - Middlesbrough, Darlington*, MANCHESTER UNITED (1984-2001)
79FW - Portsmouth, TOTTENHAM, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Bournemouth (1990-2008)
80DF - CHELSEA, Brentford, Aldershot (1961-1985)
81FW - TOTTENHAM, Leyton Orient*, Millwall*, Norwich City*, Leicester* (2009-present)
82FW - Leicester, ARSENAL (1982-1995)
83FW - BLACKPOOL, Bath City, Arsenal*, Hull City, Southport, Lancaster City (1941-1962)
84DF - WOLVERHAMPTON (1939-1959)
85FW - Stocksbridge Park Steels, Halifax Town, Fleetwood Town, LEICESTER (2007-present)
86FW - Arsenal, Norwich City*, BLACKBURN, Tottenham, Birmingham*, West Ham*, FC Rostov* (2001-2013)
87FW - NEWCASTLE, Linfield (1943-1960)
88MF - CHARLTON, Norwich City*, Chelsea, Newcastle, West Ham, Tottenham, Fulham (1997-present)
89FW - Coventry, Detroit Express*, Portsmouth, AC Milan, Monaco, RANGERS, Queens Park Rangers, Leeds*, Hull City, Ross County (1978-1999)
90MF - ARSENAL, Leeds, Manchester City, Chelsea, Norwich City*, Hull City* (1984-1997)
91FW - ARSENAL, Derby County, St. George*, Minnesota Kicks, Southampton, Nottingham Forest*, Bulova, Bournemouth, Dundee United, Coventry (1968-1983)
92MF - BAYERN MUNICH, Manchester United, Manchester City (1999-2012)
93FW - Walsall, Fulham, Leicester, LEEDS, Barnsley (1963-1980)
94FW - LIVERPOOL, Torton Blizzard*, Luzern, Norwich City, Oldham, Beveren, Tranmere, Wigan (1975-1991)
95FW - Plymouth, IPSWICH TOWN, Arsenal, Portsmouth, Wollongong City, Albany Capitals, Naxxar lions, San Francisco Bay (1973-1993)
96FW - SOUTHAMPTON, Manchester City, Newcastle, Norwich City, Portsmouth (1965-1986)
97MF - LEEDS, Manchester United, Newcastle, MK Dons, Notts County (1998-present)
98FW - NOTTINGHAM FOREST, Manchester United, Notts County, Grimsby town (1976-1991)
99FW - ARSENAL, Brentford*, Middlesbrough, Aston Villa, Portsmouth, Walsall (1985-2006)
100FW - Norwich City, Cambridge, Barnet*, Manchester United, Coventry, ASTON VILLA, Millwall*, Leicester, Celtic (1998-2008)

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