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Can you name one of the Four Asian Tiger economies?
Can you name one of the 9 NICs from the 1990s?
Which country had the highest GDP per capita growth from 1965-1980?
Which country had the highest GDP per capita increase from 1980-1993?
How would you describe the labour in an Asian Tiger country?
What does The World Bank define as governments intervene in a country to encourage the development of export manufacturing?
Can you name one reason Transnational Companies are interested in the Asian market?
What NIC from Asia (1960s or 1990s) has the most foreign investment from the United States of America?
How much money (on average) would Nike trainers increase in price by if their production all took place in the United States of America?
What type of illegal labour can be used in NICs? (this is a negative consequence of development)
What law which is used to protect staff payment in the UK does not apply in some NICs, leading to the exploitation of staff?
What can TNCs do to a country? (hint: think McDonald's)
What developing region in the world has the highest levels of deforestation?
What economic issues are still present in many NICs?
What is it called when an industry needs obsessive attention and can never grow as a result?
What economic positives have TNCs provided to NICs?
What is the life expectancy at birth in the East Asia and Pacific region? (taken from 1990)
The enrollment rate in primary schools for the East Asia and Pacific region in 1965 was 88%. What was it in 1990?

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