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How well do you know 'The Myth' Joseph Dean?

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What did Joe Dean get an A* in at GCSE?
Where do Joe Dean and Mr Rawling both buy their clothes from, leading to an embarrassing clash?
What famous song has been re-written to feature Joe Dean?
Where does Joe Dean live?
What is Joe Dean's most common said number?
How long was Joe Dean captain of his team?
Who was Joe Dean captain of?
What political party does Joe Dean support?
What was Joe Dean's first ever games' console?
What subject did Joe Dean drop at AS Level?
How many times has Joe Dean been drunk?
What hair colour is Joe Dean?
What brand is Joe Dean's bag?
Who was Joe Dean's favourite ever player?
Who did Joe Dean recently sell on FIFA 15 for £75,500,000?
What is Joe Dean's mother's profession?
Where was Joe Dean born?
How long did Joe Dean's longest relationship last?
What does Joe Dean want to study at a university degree level?
Where is Joe Dean's dream holiday destination?

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