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What is Harry O'Connor's penalty success percentage?
How many different winners of the Pool Tournament has there been?
What was Joe Dean's highest score in cricket?
What stadium has Thomas Eastwood played football on?
Joe Dean currently plays for what 6-a-side team?
When Cyril went to watch England Under 21s play (in a match that finished 1-1), what nation were they playing against?
What type of bowler (in cricket) is Joe Dean?
Sam Harrington only scored 2 goals in his entire football career. What pitch were they on?
What tennis player did Cyril write about in his most successful article to date?
Who did Tom Day famously beat in the semi-final of Pool Tournament V after an incredible break?
How many people in this quiz have reached the semi-final of the Pool Tournament?
How many goals did Joe Dean score in his most successful scoring season to date?
What was Thomas Eastwood's main gameplan when he retrieved the ball during a football match?
Name the two tennis players Cyril saw live in his first ever tennis match.
Who is Cyril's favourite snooker player?
What was Harry O'Connor's first Sunday League football team?
What sporting career have many confused Taylor-Mai Ashby-McDermid with pursuing?
What was the name of the 6-a-side team (formed by Thomas and Haz) that reached the semi-final of a professional tournament?
When Clenchwarton beat Docking Devils in extra time to win a trophy, what was the competition that was won?
What NFL team does Harry O'Connor follow?
What sport became a furious competition in Terrington High School's PE lessons, so much so that violence occasionally broke out?
Which person in the quiz has been locked in the boot of a car?
Ricky 'The Sheep' Dennerley can play across all variations of what position on a football pitch?
What does Sam Harrington do to bad guys?
What was the only sport Harry O'Connor scored 10 out of 10 in at GCSE PE?

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