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Can you name the words containing the letter sequence 'tri'?

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Main clueWord/termExtra clue
An island nation in the CaribbeanThe capital is Port of Spain
Together with Susannah, she told you 'what not to wear'They have also 'undressed the nation' and given makeover advice on Oprah
This group was 'walking on sunshine'They have also let 'love shine a light'
A European country with no coastlinePlenty of rivers and mountains, though
The process of providing cells with what they need to live and growFor a human, carbohydrates and proteins are often part of the process
Legal proceedingsIf a dispute cannot be settled amicably, it may come to this
Hard-working, tirelessYou don't have to work in a factory to be this
With many injured people in an emergency room, doctors need to use this processWho can benefit the most from their help?
Main clueWord/termExtra clue
These prehistoric marine animals can be found as fossils around the worldThey look a bit like scarabs....
Competition which claimed the life of Cedric DiggoryIt took place at Hogwarts
Capital of LibyaThe name derives from Greek: 'Three cities'
At Christmas, no tree would be complete without theseNo turkey either, come to think of it....
Keanu Reeves movieHe took the red pill
Rotten, festeringProbably smells bad, too
Popular arcade gameCan you make the pieces fit?

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