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Can you name the places/names/terms that contain 'needle' or 'pin' based on the clues??

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Ancient monument in London, brought from another country
Counted thread embroidery
A Woody Harrelson movie or a Marvel supervillain
Seattle landmark
To determine exactly
A scantily clad woman on a poster or calendar
Describes a horse with white patches in addition to another color e.g. brown
Ken Follett spy thriller, the movie starred Donald Sutherland
Describes something which is very hard to find
According to 'Do-re-mi' from 'The Sound of Music', what does the note SO stand for?
Decoration on a necktie
To use your cash card, you need to remember the correct one.
With the emergence of Pampers and Huggies, these fasteners were no longer needed
Standard 'jewellery' for a punk-rocker
Used with a syringe to eject fluids/medicine into the body
Kitchen tool used for flattening dough
Tiny stitched pleats on blouses or other clothes
A woody scent, perhaps your favorite air freshener?
If you play this game, try not to tilt!

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