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What happened:TitleStarring (a.o.)
An obnoxious private detective tries to solve the murder of his friend (an even more annoying DJ) and a rock star.Andrew Dice Clay, Lauren Holly
The captain of a Russian nuclear sub plans to defect.Alec Baldwin, Sean Connery
A lawyer sues his former employer, as he in fact has been terminated when it became known that he is HIV positive.Tom Hanks, Antonio Banderas
Five high school students end up in detention together for very different reasons, and spend the time talking about differences and similarities in their lives.Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson
Three disgruntled smalltown women are all seduced by a mysterious man who has come to town, and supernatural things start happening.Cher, Jack Nicholson
A writer goes to South America with a treasure map to free her hostage sister, but teams up with an adventurer to beat the bandits to the treasure.Kathleen Turner, Michael Douglas
A secret agent uncovers the plot of a deranged millionaire who plans to exterminate the human race with poison gas and then repopulate the earth with 'perfect specimens'.Roger Moore, Michael Lonsdale
Two women, both heartbroken, decide to swap houses in order to take a time-out.Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet
Two women set off on a short break, but things take an ugly turn and they soon find themselves fleeing across the country.Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis
A mute woman is married off to a man in New Zealand, and she travels there with little more than her daughter and her most priced possession.Holly Hunter, Sam Neill
A millionaire gets lost in LA while driving his friend's car, and little does he know that the prostitute he asks for directions will turn out to be the love of his life.Richard Gere, Julia Roberts
The ruler of Halloweentown decides that he wants to be in charge of another holiday instead.Chris Sarandon, Catherine O'Hara (voices)
What happened:TitleStarring (a.o.)
In order to be able to spend time with his children, a man disguises as a nanny.Robin Williams, Sally Field
Two con artists decide that the small town isn't big enough for the both of them, and stage a competion involving a woman to see who will have to leave.Michael Caine, Steve Martin
A girl and her best friend enjoy playing matchmakers and makeover specialists, and take on a new girl in their school as a project.Alicia Silverstone, Brittany Murphy
Two musicians decide to dress up as women to play in an all-girl jazz band while dodging a local gangster who wants them dead.Tony Curtis, Marilyn Monroe
A girl is going to participate in a beauty pageant, and an eventful family road trip ensues.Greg Kinnear, Toni Collette
A rich merchant borrows money from a Jewish moneylender in order to finance his friend's courtship of a wealthy woman.Jeremy Irons, Al Pacino
An out-of-work stockbroker gets left by his advice-columnist girlfriend, and in order to secure some income he writes her column (with much success).Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards
A young, liberal teacher gets a position at a distinguished college, but has to struggle to make her students broaden their minds beyond their plans to become housewives.Julia Roberts, Kirsten Dunst
Two friends, both mountain rescue workers, are torn apart by bitterness after a tragic accident, but reunite when faced with a group of money-seeking bandits.Sylvester Stallone, John Lithgow
An elderly woman is banned from driving be her concerned son, and reluctantly have to accept a new person, her chauffeur, into her life.Jessica Tandy, Morgan Freeman
A woman marries a wealthy widower, but finds herself living in the shadow of his first wife.Joan Fontaine, Sir Lawrence Olivier
An FBI agent enlists the help of a imprisoned, notorious murderer in order to catch another.Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins

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