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Despising the grin on the face of the boy with his methadone
There are explosive kegs, between my legs
Love at first sight may sound trite but its true you know
No its just more lock jawed popstars thicker than pig ****
His eyes on some other fool, so many women, his head should be spinning
We're all smiles, then honest, i swear, its turnstiles that make us hostile
It was only a test, but she swam too far against the tide, she deserves all she gets
In my own sick way, I've always been true to you
I turn the music down; and I don't know why, this is my house
And he stole from the rich and the poor and the not very rich and the very poor
Verse, Chorus, Middle Eight, Break, Fade
Even now in the final hour of my life I'm falling in love again
Diazepam as valium...temazepam...lithium...HRT...ECT
Then you'll see the glass hidden in the grass
I never wanted to kill, I am not naturally evil
We've never seen a keener window cleaner
I love you more than life, I love you more than life, I love you more than life
But Jesus made me, so Jesus save me from pity, sympathy and people discussing me
All over Battersea, some hope and some despair
Head in the clouds, and a mouthful of pie,Head in a blouse, everybody loves him, I see why

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