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My (secret) husband thought I was dead and poisoned himself. FML.
I just killed my love. She asked me to do so, because honor prevented me from abandoning my thief gang and returning to a lawful life with her. But still . . . FML.
The love of my life just told me never to see her again. I think it's because she's falling for me . . . and she's married. FML.
I've confirmed that my fiancee is now the king's lover. But I still love her and hope I always will. FML.
I just arranged the wedding of the girl I most love. I'm watching her sail away with her new husband. FML.
I killed my wife because I thought she was cheating on me. Turns out she wasn't; I was being played by my servant. FML.
I intercepted a letter between my lover and another. I've confronted her with it, and she confirms she wrote it. FML.
My blind fiancee has always been a bit weak. When I left (don't ask--it's complicated), she started dying. Now I'm back, but the shock of hearing my voice again killed her. FML.
I just tried to get Mary Stuart (with whom I'm madly in love) out of prison. It didn't work, and I know she'll be executed soon. FML.
My lover's brother just stabbed her as revenge. Revenge for what? For loving me after I acidentally killed her father. FML.
My lover is in jail along with his mother, and both are at the mercy of an evil count who's in love with me. The only way out is to make a deal with the count. FML.
I was the deciding vote in ordering the execution of a pupil I love like a son. Duty demanded I vote as I did, but still . . . FML.
I've always thought ethics were clear-cut. The guy I've been hunting down for decades saved my life. Then he risked his life to save someone else. I'm not so sure any more. FML.
FMLCharacterPlay/novel (author)
Being a woman these days sucks. There are all these notions of propriety. The guy I'm in love with believes in them and has left me because he doesn't want to ruin me. FML
My fiancee killed my dad (stabbed him through a curtain, to be precise). He's also been very emo and treating me very badly lately. FML.
I was having a wonderful affair, and then something went wrong. So I started buying things. But now I'm crushed by debt, and have no clue how to explain to my husband. FML.
My sister got pregnant. I tried to take the blame, but my father wouldn't believe me. Now she's marrying a man I hate. What is the world coming to? FML.
I fell in love with the leader of a fleet that got stranded in my country. (I'm queen.) But now the gods insist he leave. FML.
I encouraged this writer to kill himself . . . I thought his death would be beautiful and free. Instead, it was ridiculous and vile. And the judge knows the pistol was mine. FML.
I tried to atone for my sins, but ended up being a public spectacle. I attacked the woman I love, and suddenly there was a huge orgy of drugs and sex. FML.
I think my lover is having other affairs, and his mother wants to marry him off to someone wealthy. Worse, we had a fight and it might all be over between us. I'm so confused! FML.
My son loves me after all! But he won't be anything in life unless I can scrounge up some money for him. FML.
I killed a messenger who tried to stop our tribal meeting. But my people let the other messenger escape, and I realized they will not help fight this invasion. FML.
My best friends committed suicide in battle yesterday. And we lost the battle today. FML.
I keep having hallucinations about my friend who died in a war. Now they want to commit me to a mental institution. FML.

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