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Can you name the methods of death in Final Fantasy?

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Forced Order
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Method of DeathCharacter
Killed after transforming into the Braska's Final Aeon (FFX)
Killed by Yuna and Guardians and is eventually Sent by Yuna (FFX)
Two went into Crystal Stasis after transforming into Ragnarok (FFXIII)
Died after overuse of power against Exdeath (FFV)
Forced Warriors of Light (FFIII) to kill him
Forced Warriors of Light (FFIII) to kill her
Killed by Mega Flare from Bahamut (FFIX)
Crushed by a boulder (FFII)
Killed by Squall Leonhart and company and then transfers her powers to Edea (FFVIII)
Method of DeathCharacter
Killed by Kefka after nearly killing him (FFVI)
Died after childbirth (FFIV)
Stabbed by Sephiroth (FFVII)
Gunned down by Shinra army (FFVII)
Died after casting Meteor (FFIV)
Killed ultimately by Cloud's Omnislash (FFVII)
Killed defending Luneth from the Kraken (FFIII)
Killed by the Emperor (FFII)

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