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Can you name the Crisis Core FFVII Characters?

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Random InformationCharacter
Player character and protagonist
Main character's mentor, 1st Class SOLDIER
World-famous 1st Class SOLDIER
Main antagonist, 1st Class SOLDIER
Protagonist's main love interest, grows flowers
One of protagonist's best friends, 2nd Class SOLDIER
Idolizes protagonist and frequently emails him, 2nd Class SOLDIER
One of main character's best friends, Shinra infantryman
Director of SOLDIER, later takes on appearance of protagonist's mentor
Random InformationCharacter
Scientist experimenting with 'clones' of the famous SOLDIER
Scientist, head of Project G
Female Turk, DMW Limit Break is Lucky Stars
Turk who attempts to save protagonist's life at the end of the game
Two male Turks who almost always appear together
Mother of protagonist's mentor
Nibelheim guide
Young Wutai ninja
Final boss of the game (before easier final battle)

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