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Difficult trivia from Alanna - The First Adventure (SOTL)

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What does Alanna change her name to, when becoming a page?
What are Jon's parents names?
What is the name of the 'Captain of the Palace Guard'?
How many other pages in the 'group' Alanna become friends with?
What is the name of Jon's horse?
How old was George when he became King of the Rogue?
What is Coram's surname?
How much did Alanna pay George for Moonlight (and tack)?
What is the name of Myles barony?
What colour is Thom's natural gift?
During the Sweating Sickness, which of Alanna's friends died?
What colour are George's eyes?
Who accompanied Thom to the convent in the City of Gods?
Myles taught the pages and squires: The ____ of ________
What is the name of Alanna's original pony?
What is Jon's older cousin called?
How old is Alanna when she rides to Corus to become a page?
In what city does Jon find out 'Alan' is a girl?
What is the name of the squire who left the palace, after being beaten in a fight by Alanna?
What role is Gary's father (Duke Gareth of Naxon) have in King Roald's court?

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