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How Many Times Was Nearly-Headless Nick Hit in the Neck with a Blun
What is Professor Lockhart’s Favourite Colour?
Who does Ron transform into after drinking Polyjuice Potion in “the Chamber of Secrets”?
What is the first potion Harry ever made?
What is Dumbledore's full name?
What is the wood that makes Ron's second wand?
What chapter (number) of Order of the Phenix does Harry first meet Luna?
How many 'Exceeds Expectations' OWLs does Harry receive?
What does S.P.E.W stand for?
What quidditch team does Oliver Wood join after finishing at Hogwarts?
How many sickles is 1 ounce of dragon liver?
Other than Harry Potter, the Muggle Prime Minister and Frank Bryce, who is the only other person whose has 'Point of View' in the series?
What is Hermione's patronus?
How many staircases at Hogwarts?
In a match in what year were all 700 quidditch fouls made?
What is the name of the company Vernon Dursley works for?
What is the first thing Harry sees when opening his Gringotts vault for the first time?
Name one type of Skiving Snackbox
How old was Voldemort when he died?
In what order do the nicknames of the marauders appear on the front of the 'Marauder's Map'?
What does N.E.W.T stand for?
What model of car do Harry and Ron fly to Hogwarts in the Chamber of Secrets?
Which quidditch team did Ginny play for after leaving Hogwarts?
Whose or which wand has a core of thestral tail hair?
What two animals combine to make a Hippogriff
What is Dumbledore's sisters name?
Who was the Hogwarts Groundskeeper before Hagrid?
What breed of dog is Fang?
What is Hermione's middle name?
Which character shares J K Rowling's birthday

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