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___ facea face with no expression
raise the __to increase what is at stake or under discussion in a dispute or conflict
__ in the holesecret advantage that can be used to your benefit later
call a ___ a ___to describe something as it really is
wild ___a person or thing whose influence is unpredictable or whose qualities are uncertain
call (someone's) ___to force someone to prove that what they are saying is true
when the ___ are downwhen one is in a difficult or serious situation
be dealt a bad ___to receive disadvantages in something
follow ___ to follow the example or actions of someone else
hold all the ___to have all the advantages
lost in the ___to be overlooked in a confused or crowded situation
no __no, certainly not
house of ____a poorly thought about plan, something that can be easily knocked over
lay one's cards on the ___to be open and honest about one's intentions or resources
not playing with a full ___to be mentally deficient
___ cardsomething that you hold back to use to win success if nothing else works

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