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'I detail a long list of complaints'This section spells out each complaint made by the colonists.
'I would be the action to get rid of a government and start over again.'
'The Declaration only applied to what kinds of people when it was written?'
'I'm a 50 page pamphlet that Thomas Paine wrote encouraging colonists to go to war.'
'I am known as a 'break-up' letter with the King of England'
'I am known for wanting to find a peaceful solution with the British
'I am known to abuse your rights as citizens'
HintsAnswersExtra Facts
'I am known for wanting to go to war with the British.'
'This person was the author of Virginia's Resolution in May 1776.'
'I'm known as a formal statement of opinion'
'I am the conclusion of the document...'This section asserts the colonies are 'free and independent states.'
'I contain several ideas about society and government.'This section guarantees rights that all humans have and if the government violates those rights, the people have the right to abolish the government.
'I am known as the introduction...'This section explains why the colonists are breaking away from Great Britain.

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