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Who is the dead Sully Brother?
What is the English translation for Toruk Makto?
What Pandoran animal can only bond with one hunter?
What does Jake's locker on the ship
Who is Neytiri destined to mate with?
Who does Jake mate with?
What is the Na'vi traditional greeting?
What is the name of Neytiri's banshee?
Who is the Olo'eytkan to the Omaticaya Clan at the beginning of the film?
What does Parker refer to the Na'vi as?
What does the RDA desire on Pandora?
Who does Neytiri tell Jake he could mate with?
Where do Jake and Neytiri mate?
Where does the Omaticaya clan flee to after the destruction of the Hometree?
Jake goes through the ___ at the end of the film.
Jake and Tom are played by
Neytiri is played by
Before Colonel Quaritch tries to slit Jake's Avatar's throat, what does he say to him?
Jake becomes __ to regain the trust of the Na'vi
What was Jake called in Project 880?
What was Neytiri called in Project 880?
What was Parker called in Project 880?
Who is the Tsahik of the Omaticaya clan?
Who is the other scientist in Jake's Avatar crew?
About how tall are Na'vi?
What hangs from Na'vi heads?
When Na'vi bond they make what?

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