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Can you name the MLB players who accomplished the following combinations of feats in their Major League careers?

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Name a player who...Playerand also...
Walked at least 1,700 timesStruck out at least 1,700 times
Hit at least 400 home runsHit at least 150 triples
Hit at least 500 home runsHad a SLG% lower than .500
Hit at least 400 home runsHad a SLG% lower than .450
Hit at least 500 doublesStruck out at least 1,500 times
Recorded at least 2000 hits and 200 home runsNever made an All-Star team (since 1933)
Struck out at least 3,000 battersIssued fewer than 900 walks
Won at least 150 gamesSaved at least 150 games
Won at least 250 gamesHad an ERA higher than 4.00
Saved at least 300 gamesHad an ERA higher than 4.00
Won at least 300 gamesPitched fewer than 100 complete games
Allowed at least 400 home runsPitched at least 60 shutouts

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