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Who is the third oldest child of the Weasley family?
Who is the evil wizard that Dumbledore defeated?
In which movie does Voldemort not appear in at all?
What is the emblem of the Gryffindor house?
Who gave Harry the Nimbus 2000 when his broomstick blew up?
How many Hocruxes are there?
Where did Harry drop the Ressurection Stone?
How old is Harry in the Half-Blood Prince?
What train gets students to the school?
What colour was the dragon that Harry, Hermione and Ron rode on in the Deathly Hallows?
What does Lavender Brown give Ron for Christmas?
What does Harry want to become after he graduates from Hogwarts
What did Hgrid give Harry the first time they met?
What did Dumbledore leave Hermione in his Will?
What was Sirius Black's nickname in school?
What is Tonk's first name?
What kind of creature is Buckbeak?
Where did Harry's parents live?
When is Harry's birthday?
In what country is Hogwarts?
Who did Harry take to the Yule Ball?
What iss Harry's owl's name?
Where did Harry end up when he was supposed to go to Diagon Alley in the Chamber of Secrets?
What was Draco Malfoy's gilfriends name?
Who plays Snape?

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