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Can you name the the information about Canada during WWII?

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Which country did Italy invade just before WWII?
Which was one of the most deadly death camps?
During the war, what was the name given to the countries who OPPOSED, Germany, Italy and Japan?
What is the word that is used for a technique where soldiers blast through walls, throw grenades through the gaps and then use more grenades to move down the stairs?
During the war, what was the name given to the PARTNERSHIP of Germany, Italy, and Japan
What did the allies use to detect the German submarines?
The unofficial name of a Second World War paramilitary and commando training installation.
Dictator of Germany
The name given to women who married soldiers from other countries during WWI and WWII
What happened in Canada as a result of the attack on Pearl Harbour?
What is the word that refers to Hitler's plan to create more living space for Germans in the East?
Japanese commander of the attack on Pearl Harbour
Canadian scientist and broadcaster who was in a Japanese internment camp
What was the name of the agreement that permitted the Nazi annexation of Czechoslovakia's Sudentenland..
What was the name of the policy designed to avoid war with Germany?
What was the name of a campaign that began on the first day of the European war and lasted for six years, involved thousands of ships and stretched over hundreds of miles of the va
Nazi Germany's plan to kill all the Jews of Europe.
Type of bomb was dropped on Japan after Pearl Harbour
What is the name of a Russian prison camp
Which country did the Canadians liberate in 1945?
In which city were many Canadians taken prisoner of war by the Japanese?
What was the largest single revolt by the Jews during the Holocaust?
Which Chinese province did Japan attack in 1932?
Which agreement gave the Sudetenland to Germany?
What is the name of the area along the German border with France, that Hitler wanted to re-militarize?
The place the Japanese attacked, that resulted in the Americans entering WWII.
The place where the allied forces attacked a German occupied French port. The attack began at 5 am, and a retreat was called at 9 am.
What were the anti-Semitic laws enacted in 1935?
When was the Liberation of the Netherlands?
What was the policy in the 1930s that aimed to avoid war with the dictatorships of Germany
The single largest aviation training program in history
Japanese cities where the Americans dropped atomic bombs
What type of party were the Nazis?
Dictator of Russia
Dictator of Italy
Which group of Canadians was interned during WWII?
What was Auschwitz?
Which country did the Sudetenland belong to before it was given to Nazi Germany in the Munich Agreement?
Which battle involved British civilian ships rescuing soldiers from France?
What is the name given to a group of unarmed ships accompanied by a battleship?
Prime minister of Japan during WWII
What is the German word that means 'Lightening War'?
Who was the Canadian Prime Minister during WWII?
In 1941, where were the Canadians defeated by the Japanese?
Another name for the Normandy landings?
Which German operation was almost successful in capturing Moscow, until the winter caused difficulties for his troops?`
Which Italian city did the Canadians capture partly by using the 'mouse holing' tactic?
When did Canada declare war?
What type of military ship was used to escort unarmed ships?
What was the name of the air battle in 1940?
What is the word that refers to a rapid breakthrough enemy lines.
A battle where nearly 60% of the allied forces were either killed, wounded, or captured.
Which beach did the Canadians take as part of the D-Day, Normandy landings?
Which country did Hitler invade, that started WWII?
Which Italian town did the Canadians capture in 1943?
What was the name of the disastrous Canadian raid on the French coast, that happened in 1942?
When was the Battle of Dieppe?
What is the name of the book Hitler wrote outlining his beliefs?
The date of D-Day (the Normandy Landings)
The spy whose code name was 'Intrepid'
The term used to describe the genocide of 6 million Jews during WWII

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