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Can you name the movie by the short description of the plot twist that occurs in that movie?

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The two main character's didn't die or betray each other, instead it was all part of the plan to get the money1973
The man lying in the middle of the floor the entire movie is the killer2004
The two main character's were in the diner at the beginning of the film and were there to stop the robbery1994
The team get the money by arriving as the SWAT team and entering the vault2001
The planet they are on is actually earth, many years later1968
The ending of the movie may or may not be a dream2010
The two main characters are clones, waiting for their organs to be harvested2005
The main character's wife's head is in the box and the whole thing was planned out from the start1995
The main character has been dead the entire movie1999
The main character is in fact patient 67 and the events of the movie were constructs of his imagination to make himself appear as a hero2010
The main character's new love interest is actually a man1992
The main character survives but the man who was holding him hostage manages to teach him a lesson, then gets away scot free2002
All technology on earth was created by the network and when they leave, the world in sent back to primitive times2013
The army arrive two minutes after the survivors all kill themselves2007
The altar boy's innocent personality is a performance so he can be let off the hook when it comes to his prison sentence1996
The main character's partner, doctor and 'daughter' are running a long con against him to put him out of business2003
They all live in a wildlife park in present day and the monsters in the woods are fake2004
The man's last words refer to his childhood sled1941
The killer is being kept in a cell by the victim's husband2009
The main character believes he has played out all of his murders in his head2000
The main character uses his condition to lie to himself so he can be happy2000
The woman and her children are dead and the spirits in the house are real people2001
The main character's next door neighbour is a terrorist but frames him and gets away scot free1999
The main character is brought to the island to be the sacrifice not to look for a missing girl1973
The whole thing really was a game after all1997
The new food is made of people to cut down on overpopulation1973
The main character escapes from prison using the rock hammer over several years, that he hid in his bible1994
The main character's love interest didn't die but instead was a hoax to save her from the evil prince2006
The unreliable narrator is the mob boss who made up the story to be released from the police station1995
The main character is killed by Barrigan, who is also a mole in the police department2006
The main character is in fact blind and the bible is written in braille2010
It was one man who killed the human race, not the army that was thought to have1995
The main character's girlfriend was buried alive and he goes the same way1988
The main character dresses up as his mother to kill and his mother is really already dead1960
The supercomputer is the bad guy and wishes to wipe out humans because they are the biggest threat to themselves2004
They are all just different personalities of the one psychotic killer2003
The terrorist making the videos is an actor and the real terrorist was hiding in plain sight2013
The main character's client is the devil with whom he made a pact with earlier1987
The kidnapper arranged for him to fall in love with his daughter as a sick plan2003
The main character is a disposable clone who will deteriorate after 3 years2009
The two main characters were pulling a long con on the FBI agent the whole time and take the credit for the work that was done2013
All the characters at the daycare are evil due to being neglected in their past2010
The main character never left the hotel room2007
The main character was orchestrating the baddies the whole way through the movie in search of revenge2013
The main character's arch nemesis is revealed to be his father1980
The main character survived the blast having reprogrammed the auto pilot system and faking his death2012
The woman's sister is also her daughter1974
The main character is in fact twin brothers who live one life but love two different women2006
All of the people in the town are committing the murders to eradicate anyone giving the village a bad name2007
The narrator's split personality is that of the soap maker1999

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